Dear friend,
the prayer of rosary has great power to change the world, overcome evil
and bring peace to us and our families. We invite you to sign up on our website
for Continuous Prayer of Holy Rosary.

United in Prayer

For fulfillment of plans of Our Lady for peace in the world

The Holy Rosary
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You can find the current time in Medjugorje indicated in the Time Zone Converter. Please, remember that your local time can vary. In order to calculate your current time, please add the time difference to your local time according to the Time Zone Converter.

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Dear friends,
it is a big grace for us to be united in prayer. Consistent prayer of Holy Rosary
offered for the intentions of Our Lady and for peace in the world has joined
together thousands of people from Ukraine, Latvia, Lithuania, Czech Republic,
Russia, Hungary, Poland, Mexico, Romania, Slovakia, United States, etc. We have
created a beautiful community, in which Love is alive. We are very thankful to Our
Lady that she has aroused desire in many hearts and souls to be united in prayer
and to do something beautiful for the Kingdom of God and this world. We thank to
you who have opened your hearts and started to pray for peace where it is mostly needed.

We thank you for the time you give to Our Lady in prayers that have power to
change the world, to stop wars and obtain the most precious gift of peace.